My Favorite Button.

The “Unfollow” button has quickly become my new best friend. I don’t have to unfriend someone but I sure as heck don’t need to follow them. The more I put myself out there and open myself up to others the more people I seem to be attracting to my Facebook page. Which is a great thing for my journey and my purpose. If I keep my page aligned with who I am and focus on exuding positive energy then hopefully that will spread to others.

When my goal is to make Facebook a fun, positive, uplifting place to find inspiration and all I see is hate I have to shut that down. Shut that negativity down immediately! There is no place in my heart for that. If it does not feed my soul it is gone. Unfollow! Unfollow! Unfollow! Most of the time I do not unfriend simply because you never know who you can reach by being yourself and shining your light. If those people I unfollow are still following me maybe just maybe I can be a positive energy in their life. I can be that fun positive energy without letting their darkness invade my soul simply by clicking “unfollow.”

Not everyone is going to vibe with me. That is 100% okay by me, but that doesn’t mean I am going to change for them. When your light gets to be to much for some people to handle that are going to “unfollow” you too. Let is go! They are not your tribe. Your life will be served more when you find those you vibe best with. You will find those people when you open your heart and mind and when you pour love unto others with no expectations.

If you are not being served by what others post on social media then it is time to “Unfollow”.

“Never be afraid to shine brightly simply because others can’t handle how awesome you truly are.” -Tara McGinty


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